Established: 2012
Location: Glasgow
Facebook: BloodUponTheRose


The band was formed in the autumn of 2012, following the disbanding of another flute band.

The band draw their membership from areas all over Glasgow and Lanarkshire, and we are committed to campaigning for a United Ireland and support initiatives aimed at improving conditions for the Irish community in Scotland as well as supporting campaigns against racism and sectarianism in Scotland.

We also celebrate the volunteers who gave their life's in the struggle for a United Ireland, We are a non-sectarian group who strive to promote our culture and beliefs through our music as part of Cairde Na h'Eireann.

The Blood upon the Rose RFB are non discriminatory and is open to all, regardless of sex, colour, creed or religion.

The band take their name from a poem by Joseph Mary Plunkett, who was a prominent figure in The Easter Rising, a member of the Provisional Government and signatory of the Proclamation in 1916. The band decided upon this name as a tribute to Joseph and the other men and women who fought and died in The Easter Rising, in particular the leaders of The Rising who were brutally executed by the British in the immediate aftermath.

Blood upon the Rose RFB - UNBOWED & UNBROKEN